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Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
and senate intelligence committees held closed hearings and heard testimony from acting cia director michael morerel. there was a hearing before the house committee on foreign affairs. the chairwoman called the deadly attack on september 11th a disgrace, and things got heated on both sides. >> also disgraceful is the sad parade of conflicting accounts of the attack that we have received from administration officials in the weeks and months since. >> to lay this at the doorstep of the president or the secretary of state or the united nations ambassador, you will find us ready and willing to resist to the teeth. >> tomorrow, former cia director david petraeus will testify before the house and senate intelligence committees. it will be his first appearance on the hill since he resigned last friday. >>> president obama's focused today on the victims of superstorm sandy up in new york city. he got his first up-close look at the damage there and promised to work with local governments to come up with a game plan for recovery. some residents said they wished the president had come sooner to
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
cia career of retired general david petraeus. another top military man has now been dragged into it. nbc's pete williams joins us now with the latest. pete, what are we to make of general john allen and his connection or relationship to this tampa woman? jill kelley. >> right, jill kelley is the woman in tampa who first alerted the fbi that she was getting inappropriate e-mails. that eventually led to the disclosure, officials say, of an affair between david petraeus, the director of cia, and paula broadwell. the author of those e-mails. in getting access to the e-mail accounts of both women, the fbi officials say there were e-mail discovered between general allen and jill kelley. now they've been described as inappropriate although general allen's people say that that is a wild mischaracterization. that he occasionally referred to her as sweetheart but it was affectionate. that they were family friends and there was nothing untoward. there is a second element to all this. the pentagon in disclosing all this this morning that there were 20,000 to 30,000 pages, but again, associates
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
the cia will continue to thrive and carry out its essential mission and i have the utmost confidence in acting director michael morell and the men who work every day to keep our country safe. going forward, my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus, who has done so much to help military families throughout her own work." president obama does not specifically reference the affair that director petraeus says that he had in his resignation letter. just his thoughts and prayers go out to the petraeus family. this comes at a time when the obama administration is under intense scrutiny for the benghazi attack that left four americans dead, including ambassador stevens. he was expected to testify next week and that is now not going to hoopen. i just want to make one note about the acting director, michael morell he is someone who is a career agency officer. someone who the president has a lot of confidence in and, according to the administration official, this is someone who was deeply engaged in the planning and effort to take down osama bin laden and who briefed
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
judgment on the timing of when he learned about the scandal involving cia director david petraeus. in a news conference today, he said he's confident in the fbi, which is conducting the investigation. the president also said there's no evidence classified information disclosed could pose a threat to national security. >>> 15 elementary school kids had minor bumps and bruises after a school bus crash in upper moral marlboro. >>> the weather is cold across the entire mid-atlantic, across the entire northeast and the great lakes, too. take a look at the numbers. 45 right now in washington, d.c. but look back to the west. 37 in pittsburgh, the high in pittsburgh today only 38 degrees. that is well below their average high temperature for this time of year, we should be around 59. we were 11 degrees below average with a high today of only 48 degrees. we've got very chilly air that's continuing to stickaround. and it will stick around right on through the next couple of details. we'll talk much more about the weekend coming up in just a few minute >>> we're hearing tonight from those who know
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
informed earlier about the fbi investigation uncovering the affair that ended the cia career of retired general david petraeus. >>> fast forward to the changing weather. >> the changing weather, get out and enjoy the warmth right now. although many of you have been saying keep the cool weather here. ll, mother nature listening to some of you, because here it comes. not just cool weather, but cold weather. you'll wake up to a much different air mass tomorrow morning. the radar showing we do have the rain making its way toward portions of west virginia and southwestern virginia. and a few showers along the blue ridge. behind this front, ahead of it, veryarm air. but behind this front, look at the temperature. it is 69 right now in morgantown, west virginia. just about 100 miles away in columbus, ohio, it is now 37. a 32-degree temperature difference. that's where many of us will wake up tomorrow morning, as this cold front continues to move through this area. get ready, it's coming. >>> new developments tonight in the murder of a d.c. cab driver last week. court documents show a teen coup
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
collapsed. detectives don't know how the man died. >>> former cia director david petraeus went to capitol hill today to tell lawmakers what he has learned about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. keith rsell is at the live desk with details on what lawmakers are saying about his testimony. >> wendy, general david petraeus told lawmakers he consistently told congress there were terrorist elements involved in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. petraeus said there were extremists in the group that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others, describing them as affiliates of al qaeda. following closed-door sessions with the tej committees, the big question became did petraeus alter his stance from a previous briefing. he said on september 14th his story was different from his presentation today. democrats say it's been the same the whole time. general petraeus was not asked about his affair with paula broadwell, but did take it upon himself to apologize for his actions. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> the white house said president obama ha
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6